Kate Middleton & Prince William Enjoying The Tour Of The Outdoors!

Kate Middleton and Prince William are trying to forgot about the scandal that has recently happened, as the couple continued their tour in the Rainforest of Borneo on Saturday for their Southeast Asia tour.

People reports: “Their royal highnesses are feeling upbeat, they are enjoying the tour and they will not in any way allow what has happened in France to overshadow the tour and their work on behalf of The Queen,” a palace source tells PEOPLE.

After traveling to Sabah, one of the two states that make up the Malaysian part of Borneo, the couple arrived Saturday by government helicopter to the Danum Valley, where they met with Malaysian and British scientists.

Then they were fitted with harnesses and hoisted 130 ft. up a rainforest tree.

“I’m going to go ‘whee’ and just fly up,” Kate joked.

William was also in a playful mood: “Girls don’t have the same wardrobe malfunctions as men do,” he said as he waited to be pulled up the tree in his harness. “I hope I don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions.”

At the top of the tree they met with Kalsum Yusah, 32, from Sabah, who completed a PhD in entomology at Cambridge University and is stationed in the forest.

“They just said it was such a surreal, totally unique experience up there because they had never been up in the canopy,” she said. “They enjoyed it immensely and they weren’t scared of the heights. They asked about the primates, birds and insects, and they were interested in how the forest is sustained.”

According to the palace source, the couple are determine to enjoy themselves despite the distraction of the photos published by French magazine Closer, which a St. James’s Palace spokesman called “grotesque and totally unjustifiable.”

“The tour has been organized to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee, and tens of thousands of people have already used the occasion to pay joyful tribute to her reign,” the palace source said Saturday. “Their royal highnesses will not allow this story in any way to dampen that heartfelt and genuine enthusiasm.”

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“All In The Family” Sally Struthers Performs Two Musical Shows Despite DUI

Sally Struthers was pulled over on Wednesday in Maine and is facing a DUI, but this didn’t stop her when she had to perform for her fans on Thursday for the two shows for the musical adaptation of Dolly Parton`s 9 to 5.

People reports: According to the Portland Press Herald, Cheryl Farley, the Ogunquit Playhouse’s director of marketing, says Struthers has not missed a performance during the musical’s run, and is “terrific” on stage. Farley would not to comment on the legal incident.

“Sally is working and she is fine and she loves the Ogunquit Playhouse and her yearly time in Ogunquit,” the actress’s rep Pam Sharp said in a statement shortly after the arrest.

Struthers, who was released from jail on a $160 cash bail, plays Roz in the musical, which runs through Sept. 15.

“She’s very talented,” Alice Gaudette who has seen Struthers perform many times over the last decade, tells the Herald. “[The arrest] doesn’t change my opinion. I feel sorry for her, if anything.”

The star, who did not speak to media after Thursday’s performances, is set to appear in court on Dec. 15.

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“Good Charlotte” Billy Martin Welcomes His Second Son!

`Good Charlotte` Billy Martin on Friday, September 14 welcomed his second child, a boy, with his wife Linzi.

People reports: “Welcome to the world Zander Jace Martin. He was born this morning,” Martin, 31, writes. “Both he and Linzi are doing great! What an amazing day.”

The couple — who tied the knot in March 2008 — are already parents to son Dreavyn Kingslee, 3½.

While he may be basking in baby bliss now, Martin is set to join Good Charlotte to kick off their Australian tour, starting Sept. 20 in West Melbourne.

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“Eli Young Band” Jon Jones Expecting His First Baby Boy!

Eli Young Band who just recently were nominated for their first two ever CMA awards, now Jon Jones is expecting their first child together!

People reports: And now, the band has some more big news: Bass player Jon Jones, 32, and his wife Sarah, 29, are expecting their first baby — a boy! — on Dec. 23, they tell PEOPLE exclusively.

While this will be the couple’s first child, it’s the second baby for the band. “It’s funny that in the band, Mike got married first, and then me,” Jones says referring to frontman Mike Eli.

“Then Mike and Kacey got pregnant and had their baby girl in July, and Sarah and I are right behind them.”

Jones and his wife — who was his college sweetheart — have been married since January 2011, but they have been talking about expanding their family for a long time. He shares how they discovered they were expecting their first baby.

“We were on the road when she found out, so she sent me a picture of about a half-dozen positive pregnancy tests,” says Jones.

“She wanted to be sure! It’s something you wish you could find out together, but she knew she couldn’t keep it to herself that long. When she called I could hear the excitement in her voice.”

When he’s not working, Jones spends his days at home going to doctors appointments with his wife, shopping for baby equipment, painting the nursery — and debating names.

“It took Sarah and me a month to pick out our couches for the living room, so we’re going back and forth a lot,” he tells PEOPLE. “Our goal is to have a name chosen by the time he is born.”

When the tour ends on Oct. 27, the Eli Young Band will head into the studio to record their second album for Republic Records, due for release in 2013.

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Katie Holmes In New York City For Lunch!

Katie Holmes is spotted on Wednesday, September 12th in New York City as she was out for some lunch in white!

Gossip Center: Katie unveiled her “Holmes & Yang” Spring 2013 Collection at New York Fashion Week to a collection of fashionistas, editors and buyers at the Lincoln Center.

The new designer, who turned up wearing a white top, leather jacket and gold jewels, created the range with her own stylist, Jeanne Yang.

And the verdict from the hard-nosed fashion commentators? All in all pretty favorable, People reports.

Photo Credit: INF Daily

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Kate Middleton Wears Alexander McQueen To Dinner With The King

Kate Middleton after her speech, had dinner with Prince William, and the King of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur where she wore a white Alexander McQueen gown that features hibiscus, and the Malaysian flower in gold.

People reports: William confessed to being tired on day four of the nine day tour, though he is excited about visiting Tuvalu where, he said, “We hope to do some fishing and snorkeling. I am very interested in the coral and whale sharks. I have dived with them before and although they are huge, they are very docile creatures.”

When the King and Queen arrived, Kate made a low curtsy. She and William were then given gifts: for him there was a gold-encrusted Malay warrior’s sword known as a kris; and for her there was a pair of black lace peep toe shoes by the Malaysian equivalent of Jimmy Choo, called Lewre, with a glittering diamante clutch bag and a Batik dress.

The 400 other guests walked into the Deuan Santapan Negara or Royal Banqueting Hall ahead of royal couples, the circular tables laid out around a small stage upon which a table for the royal party was laid out.

The rectangular table was covered with garlands of English flowers, including roses and daisies.

The meal was described as a fusion of English and Asian cuisine. No alcohol was served although guests were offered sweet fruit juices and water.

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French Editor Of Closer Has More Intimate Pictures Of Kate Middleton (VIDEO)

Kate Middleton’s topless photos have made a ruckus in the Royal family but the editor of the fashion magazine is biting back saying that she may have more intimate pictures in her possession, but has decided to hold onto them for now.

TMZ reports: Closer editor Laurence Pieau revealed the bombshell today while defending her decision to publish the topless pics of Kate … saying “I won’t hide the fact that there are more intimate pictures that exist that we haven’t published and will not publish. These images are full of joy, not degrading.”

She didn’t specifically say sex pics … but she didn’t have to. It’s pretty clear what she meant.

So why would she even tell the public about the unseen “intimate” photos?

She could be trying to paint herself as a heroic figure who SAVED the Royal fam from further humiliation … or she just issued a thinly-veiled WARNING to Buckingham Palace: Back off the lawsuit, or else.

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Bam Margera Accuses Naked Woman Illegally Entering His Home

Bam Margera who stars in Jackass is claiming that the most outrageous thing has happened to him, and that he was sleeping one night, and this naked women started to masturbate on his bedroom floor after breaking into his home!

TMZ reports: According to law enforcement sources, Bam told police the 24-year-old woman woke him up in his Pennsylvania home by kissing him — completely in the buff — and Bam freaked … throwing the girl off him and dialing 911.

And here’s where it gets really insane — according to law enforcement sources, while Bam was on the phone with cops, he claims the girl dropped to the floor and started to masturbate.

After Bam hung up, we’re told he kicked the girl out of his house — still completely naked.

West Chester police tell TMZ, they arrested her nakedness in the rural area surrounding Bam’s mansion. According to the criminal complaint, she faces charges of burglary, criminal trespass, and stalking.

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