‘iCarly’ To Resurrect Into A Spin Off!

iCarly bosses are at work because they want to create a spin-off of the hit teen television show!

Star Pulse reports: The Nickelodeon sitcom, which starred Miranda Cosgrove, came to an end in November after a successful five-year run, but it will be revived in a new show with a cast led by Jennette McCurdy, who played Cosgrove’s onscreen best friend.

McCurdy will star in Sam & Cat along with Ariana Grande, who appeared in another newly-cancelled Nickelodeon show, Victorious. Both will reprise their roles from their respective series as girls who become friends and start their own business.

Both iCarly and Victorious were created by writer/producer Dan Schneider.

Russell Hicks, President of Content Development and Production at Nickelodeon, says, “Jennette and Ariana are adored by our audience, and it’s great to unite these talented actresses in this hilarious new comedy from Dan Schneider. This show promises to deliver on what our audience loves most about these two favorite characters – laugh-out-loud humor and non-stop adventure, and is sure to be a compelling new chapter for our new comedic duo.”

Production will begin on Sam & Cat in January ahead of a 2013 premiere, according to industry website Deadline.com.

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Arrow Season 1, Episode 7 ‘Muse Of Fire’ Recap (December 1)

Arrow season 1, episode 7 ‘Muse of Fire’ aired their episode and here is the recap!

Star Pulse reports: At the start of “Arrow’s” latest episode, our hooded fellow is riding on his motorcycle and sulking over his forgotten lunch date with his mother.  But the reminder, courtesy of Thea, turned out to be a segue to the introduction of this week’s target as Oliver witnesses another black leathered motorcyclist commit one of the more accurate drive-bys in recent television history.

The target: yet another shady business man with mob ties.  Why is this a problem you ask?  Well before becoming a part of the death-by-vigilante statistic in Starling City, the business man was attempting to close a construction deal with Moira to no avail. So she was mere inches away from becoming a stat herself.

Full recap at Star Pulse….

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Mob Wives Chicago & New York City Cancelled!

According to sources Mob Wives Chicago as well as Mob Wives New York City have been confirmed cancelled by a VH1 spokesperson, and in fact will not be returning for the next season.

Starcasm reports: The Chicago Sun-Times spoke with a few of the cast members and got their disappointed reactions as well as a litany of reasons for the cancelation that included the Olympics, lack of advertising, and something called an “accent barrier.”

“It’s just sad; it had so much potential,” said Pia Rizza. “It was a terrible time to be aired at Sunday nights in the summer,” she added, saying also that the Olympics hurt the show’s ratings as well.

Whatever the reason, the ratings just never picked up for the show, averaging about 500,000 an episode. By contrast, the original Mob Wives series was pulling in right around two million viewers an episode.

Rizza’s cast mate Leah DeSimone thinks VH1 didn’t do as much marketing as they should have. “I don’t feel we were advertised enough,” she says.

DeSimone and Rizza said they knew the prospects for a sophomore season were shaky when producers didn’t pursue a reunion show to cap off the first season. Rizza and DeSimone tell the Sun-Times they knew the writing was on the wall when the network didn’t bother doing a Mob Wives Season 1 reunion show. “We didn’t film a reunion,” Rizza says, “but I can assure you it would have been very juicy.”

Meanwhile, DeSimone said she was led to believe there would be a reunion show and even cleared out her schedule per the network’s request. “They even said don’t go anywhere the first two weeks of August,” DeSimone said. “I missed a wedding out of town because I thought there was going to be a reunion. How fair was that to my family? Week one passed. Week two. No one returned my calls.”

It wasn’t until October that DeSimone received a call from producers telling her there would be no reunion and that the show would not be returning for a second season. When DeSimone inquired about the reason for the cancelation, she was told it had something to do with an “accent barrier.”

“I don’t know if they meant it was hard to understand us?” DeSimone said. At the time she received the call, DeSimone was at the hospital with her mother, who had been diagnosed with cancer, so she didn’t press the issue.

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Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Walking Down The Aisle On New Year’s Eve!

According to reports Hugh Hefner playboy mogul is engaged once again to his girlfriend Crytal Harris and they both are saying that there going to walk down the aisle at the Playboy Mansion on New Year’s Eve.

TMZ reports: As TMZ first reported, Harris bailed on wedding #1 in June 2011 … just five days before the big day.

But according to our sources, Harris and Hef are better than ever these days, since Harris moved back into the Playboy Mansion earlier this year. We’re told the couple have worked out all their previous problems and decided recently they want to try and get married again.

According to our sources, Harris feels the time she spent apart from Hef really taught her how to be independent and stand on her own two feet … something she felt she needed.

Our sources say the wedding will be an intimate gathering with just close friends and family.

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Lindsay Lohan Hires Personal Investigator Against Accuser!

Lindsay Lohan has decided that Tiffany Mitchell is not going to get away with it and sue her first, so the young troubled actress as decided to hire a private investigator, to dig up on this woman’s life!

TMZ reports: As TMZ previously reported, Mitchell has hired the omnipotent Gloria Allred to represent her following an alleged altercation with Lindsay in a New York nightclub.

But sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ the “Liz & Dick” star feels Mitchell just made up the story about Lindsay punching her to score a quick payday.

We’re told Lindsay feels Mitchell is just another in a long line of people who see Lindsay as an opportunity to make a buck off her … and the fact that Mitchell hired Allred of all people just proves that.

According to our sources, Lindsay has hired a P.I. to look into Mitchell and see if she has any criminal past or if she’s done anything like this before. We’re told Lindsay wants to dig up as much info on Mitchell as she can so she’s ready should Mitchell pursue the case in civil court.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay is telling friends she did not hit Mitchell and only confronted her because she thought Mitchell and her friends swiped her purse.

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Heather Morris Warned To Move Car Off Of L.A. Sidewalk!

Heather Morris from Glee is annoying her residents, as she parks her car on the Los Angeles sidewalk, which is driving her neighbors crazy.

TMZ reports: TMZ obtained a few pics of Heather’s Prius parked right up on the curb, blocking the entrance to her apartment building.

We’re told Morris does have a parking spot in the building, but chooses to park her car there anyway … simply because it’s easier.

Heather isn’t getting away with the renegade parking job scott free — records show she got five parking tickets in the month of August alone … but it hasn’t detoured the actress.

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Katt Williams In A Rage, Smacks Target Employee In The Face! (VIDEO)

Katt Williams is going through a rough time, and this time he decides to hit up a local target where he engages in an argument and then slaps him.

TMZ reports: Katt wasn’t done after leading cops on a crazy three-wheeled chase through Sacramento on Sunday — because moments later, he hit up a Target … where he belted an employee IN THE FACE … and TMZ has footage of the face-to-hand contact.

There’s no audio, so we can’t tell what the argument is about — but by the looks of the employee’s body language before the wallop (placing his hand on his chest) the guy wasn’t looking for a fight.

Then out of nowhere Katt winds up and slaps him in the face — at which point the employee pulls out his phone and, according to an eye witness, he calls police.

Video of the aftermath surfaced on the Internet this week, showing Katt making his getaway in an electric cart … before police arrive.  We hate to say it, but it’s hilarious.

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The Game Got Lucky On His Birthday Night Involving The LAPD!

The Game got off really easy the other night on his birthday, when he got pulled over by the police, but all he got was a warning and a ticket when it fact the LAPD should have towed his unregistered car.

TMZ reports: Game told our photog on Thursday night that cops pulled him over in his Bentley and ticketed him for having tinted windows and paper license plates.

But law enforcement sources tell TMZ the rapper didn’t have the Bentley registered, a huge no-no. We’re told Game explained to police that he had purchased the car from a pro football player back in January and never got around to registering it.

Our sources say the cops were going to tow the car, but since Game said it was his birthday … they decided they didn’t want to make him walk and gave him a little birthday break.

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