Frankie Grande AMAs Bubblegum-Tinted Platinum Hair & Painted On Shirt (Pic)

resizedimageFrankie Grande, older half brother of Sam & Cat actress Ariana Grande hit the red carpet at the AMAs Red Carpet not wearing a real shirt, it was a painted on one, see the pic. The star is a YouTube personality and he appeared on Big Brother had attended the November 23, 2014 American Music Awards in Los Angeles and took home New Artist of the year,he arrived shirtless.The thirty one year old paired his baby pink pants and bubblegum-tinted platinum hair with a white, short-sleeved button-up that was literally painted on, adding to his unique outfit a painted bow-tie.

Ariana couldn’t have been more proud!

“good luck @frankiejgrande hosting the red carpet tonight, you’re gonna kill it. i love u & remember to breathe,” she tweeted pre-show.

The former Nickelodeon star wasn’t nominated for any AMAs in 2014,

the “Breaking Free” singer is set to perform “Bang Bang” alongside Jessie J and Nicki Minaj. (And hopefully, there won’t be any wardrobe malfunctions for Minaj this time around!)

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Taylor Swift Comparing Love To Skinny Caramel Lattes

resizedimageTaylor Swift would like to have a man to love as much as she loves Skinny Caramel Lattes and she doesn’t believe in “Happily Ever After”. The country music singer has been outspoken about not being interested in dating at his time , however there may be a possibility she would if he was good as a favorite latte. The star has revealed to December 2014/ /January 2015 Lucky magazine hat she’s got a serious love for coffee.

“Wow, I really used to think that happily ever after was a thing,” she admitted while talking about her past albums. “[Now,] I think that no matter what you find in terms of happiness and compatibility, there’s always going to be a struggle attached to it. I used to believe that you find the one and that’s it — nothing’s difficult after that,” she explained. “But then again, I know nothing now. I know legitimately nothing about lasting relationship experiences because I don’t have them.”

“Coffee’s a big part of my life,” she said. “Skinny caramel lattes are a daily thing that I get excited about and I never stop being excited about. So if I could just find one person who I felt that way about — the way I feel about coffee — then I think I’d be in a content relationship.”

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Channing Tatum Became Much Too Intense For Wife.Jenna

resizedimageChanning Tatum was too intense for his wife. The actor and former model, known for such roles as Coach Carter and Step Up was difficult to be around during his time of filming ‘Foxcatcher’. The thirty four year old former star of Dear John was so deep into his character, in which he portrayed wrestler Mark Schultz and when his spouse Jenna Dewan-Tatum with whom he shares a seventeen month old daughter Everly with went to see him in Pennsylvania that her trip began ore shorter than she planned it would be.

Jenna, thirty three, admitted:

”I was pregnant, so I came already hormonal.

”It was so interesting because he was so in character, channelling this sort of intense dark character that I was like – and it was winter – I’m going to go back to California!”

The actor said, at the end of day  it was hard to let go of his alter ego saying he believes that because his wife was pregnant,

this is what made  more sensitive to the situation than she otherwise would have been

He said:

”Bennett creates an environment that you can’t shake off at the end of the day. And, you know, you try to come home and make her laugh, [but ] I just couldn’t do it. I tried.”

He laughed:

”And pregnant women – if you don’t know – are very emotional as it is.”

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Paul Walker Wanted To Trade Fame For More Father & Daughter Time

Image138Paul Walker wanted to quit Hollywood before he lost his life in a fiery crash on November 30, 2013. The late star of Into the Blue was said to be growing tired of his to hectic filming schedule looking to step out of the spotlight cause he wanted to spend time with his sixteen year old daughter Meadow. The former star of Eight Below welcomed his daughter to move in with him in 2011.

The actor’s father, Paul Sr., said:

”Paul was planning on taking a break from starring in movies, and stepping away from Hollywood, to spend more time with Meadow.

”He was so proud of her, she is incredibly intelligent and beautiful, and Paul wanted to be there for her as she grew up.

”In fact, he would’ve swapped his Hollywood fame for the quiet life with Meadow. Paul wasn’t big on fame and preferred to live modestly.

”But he signed on for the ‘Agent 47′ movie about a hit man, and it was already agreed that if it was successful there would be three further movies made.

”That was something he confessed to me he wished he hadn’t done because he wanted to be with Meadow.”

Also according to his dad, Paul Sr., the forty year old was ready to stop his need to fast cares and move on to his childhood hobby of surfing.

He added to MailOnline

: ”He was bored of the car thing. He actually told me, before he died, that he had rediscovered the ocean and had taken up surfing again.

”He tore his ACL in his knee and that made driving a lot more difficult for him to do.

”Paul was a free spirit – he loved being out in the ocean, staring into the abyss and found peace there.

”He would love nothing more than packing a sleeping bag in a van, sleeping out in the wild and lived in such a modest way.”

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“50 Shades of Grey” Jamie Dornan Had Bad Luck With Girls During His Teens

resizedimageJamie Dornan didn’t do well with girls during his school days. He is a Northern Irish actor and model, and he played the role as Sheriff Graham Humbert in the series Once Upon a Time and what the thirty two year old has confessed to was when he was just a teen is luck just ran out when it came to the opposite sex because of his youthful looks. The Fall star told The Observer:

”I didn’t do particularly well with girls at school. I was always very young looking. And my sister’s friends would always say: ‘You’re so cute.’ I f**king hated that. If you are a skinny, baby-faced teenager, the last thing you want to hear is that you’re cute.”

However, when he started to get older, he started having better luck as he started getting facial hair and his his beard is important as makes who he is.

He confessed:

”I feel uncomfortable without it. I find myself moving differently. I don’t like myself without a beard.”

Despite being viewed as being the ideal man by women across the world, the hunk still isn’t satisfied with his image, and admitted that the one thing he dislikes about his appearance is his nose which ”bends to the right,” due to it being broken

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Melissa Rivers Reportedly Will Inherit $100 Million From Mother’s Estate

resizedimageMelissa Rivers has inherited one hundred million from her late Mother’s Estate. The star, whose real name is Melissa Warburg Rosenberg is an American actress, television host and producer, equestrienne and philanthropist’s mom comedian Joan Rivers died of surgical complications and she has been left with this huge amount after suffering cardiac and respiratory arrestt.

Born in Manhattan and an only child, according to Us Weekly, Melissa will receive the amount of seventy five million dollars in cash and along with that a condo in the city’s Upper East Side worth thirty five million dollars. Melissa’s son Cooper, who is thirteen years old reportedly will receive his own inheritance.

It has previously been reported that Joan also left provisions for her four rescue dogs. The comedienne’s longtime assistant Jocelyn was granted custody of the pampered pooches and a stipend to take care of them.

According to a New York City medical examiner, Joan’s cause of death was hypoxic arrest. She died when oxygen to her brain was cut off during the throat procedure at Yorkville Endoscopy, resulting in brain damage.

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Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Trucco Will Join Cast Of Scandal

resizedimageMichael Trucco is said to join Scandal (American political thriller television series). He is known for his role as Samuel T. Anders on the reimagined Battlestar Galactica and in November we will get to see him again when he appears in an episode as Abby Whelan’s (Darby Stanchfield) ex-husband Charles Putney, reports TVLine. He was once interested in being a police officer, as his father is one however the Sabrina, the Teenage Witch became interested in theatrical performance

Charles is the son of Virginia’s governor, and his four-year marriage to Abby disintegrated when he struck her in a drunken rage.

He has also been seen in One Tree Hill, Psych and Revenge.

Scandal is set to air on Thursdays on ABC.

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Teresa Giudice Stands By Her Marriage Doesn’t Hold A Grudge

resizedimageTeresa Giudice believes in her marriage vows. She is a popular reality television cast member, but best known for starring in The Real Housewives of New Jersey and she is standing buy her husband Joe Giudice before jail time comes, saying “I Don’t Think He Meant to Hurt Me in Any Way”. I guess the vow for better or worse fits here. It is on the second part of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live special, when the couple admitted she pleaded guilty to fraud charges and they get jail time during an interview with Andy Cohen. Cohen made the statement that most woman on the average more feel resentment towards their husband if they were put into a similar precarious position.

Joe implicated his wife in his various schemes, but Teresa doesn’t hold a grudge.

“I don’t think he meant to hurt me in any way,” she said. “I think it’ a learning lesson for both of us, right honey?”

She added,

“Since [the sentencing], he’s been feeling bad and keeps coming up to me and hugging me. All I can keep saying to him is…what do I keep saying?” she asked. Joe said, “Take care of my daughters.”

“That’s all I want you to do,” Teresa told him.

Andy then asked Joe if he feels guilty for involving his wife. “I do, but at the same time, what am I going to do?” the father of four said in defeat. “I did everything I could to get her out of it, but it didn’t work.”

During the sentencing, Joe’s lawyer argued that his client should be sent to rehab to address alcohol-related issues. Asked point blank if he has a drinking problem, Joe told Andy,

“Before [Teresa] started this Real Housewives stuff, I think I only used to drink on the weekends. Now I drink everyday. Just wine. I mean, I don’t drink anything else really. I might have a little problem. Yeah, I’m not going to lie.”

Teresa added,

“It’s gotten worse from his dad passing.”

How much does Joe drink?

“I could easily do two, three bottles—four bottles easily, you know, with another person. Sometimes two by myself. One bottle is like sucking a bottle of milk. It’s like nothing.”

“Well, he says it helps him sleep,” Teresa said.

“It does help me sleep,” Joe agreed. “It’s either that or I gotta take a pill, and I don’t want to take a pill.”

Giudice will commence her fifteen month sentence starting January 5, 2015, and now her husband will need to complete forty one months in jail following her released.

Watch the second part of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live special airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

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