Katie Price Lashes Out At Former Best Friends

resizedimageKatie Price has lashed out at her ex friends. The English singer/ television peronality anf foprmer topless glamout mdel has lashed out a full blown attack on fomer mistresses of her husbans’s on Friday night, August 8, 2014. The thirty six year old and Kieran Haylor just recently got back together as he did admit to a cheating scandal with her two best friends Jane Poutney and Chrissy Thomas, left a few angry messages on her YouGoss!p profile. She shared two pictures of Chrissy, writing:

”Just a reminder, Chrissy sl*t thomas loves wrecking marriages and sleeps with married men

”Remember if she was two faced to me she will do it to you”

She also shared a photograph of Jane, with the caption:

”Reminder to the mums at her kids schools jane poutney is a home wrecker w***e, if she did it to me she will you,keep her away from husbands (sic)”

Fans of hers, tried to explain that Keiran was just as responsible as her friends but ignored them. She is now happier within herself as her earlier this month she gave birth to her fifth child.

”After past months of stress and lack of confidence after what them scum women did to me it’s certainly coming back now I’ve had baby!”

She also has children twelve months old son Jett with Kieran, as well as daughter Princess, seven, and other sons Junior, nine, and Harvey, twelve, from previous relationships.

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Tori Spelling, 41, proud of Her Broken marriage

UntitledTori Spelling is proud of her marriage. Known for her Beverly Hills 90210 role had been left hurt at the time her husband Chopped Canada host Dean McDermott admitted that he had a fling with another woman last year, and since that they have working hard to repair things and they moving forward very well. The couple share children together, Liam, seven, Stella, six, Hattie, two, and Finn, twenty three months wrote, on her blog:

”As all of you know, our family has been through a lot this last year. I’m happy and proud to say that we are doing really well, and that Dean and I are working very hard to make our relationship and our family better than ever.”

The forty one year old marriage problems were seen on the reality show ‘True Tori’ has allot of pride for her husband.foe his rehab stint, and returning to his blogging.

She added:

”I’m proud of Dean for all of the hard work he’s been doing on himself, and I’m excited that he is back to blogging over on The Gourmet Dad!

”Dean will be blogging about everything from food to family to fitness. He’ll even be talking about his sobriety and keeping everyone updated on how he is doing. To celebrate getting back to blogging, he’s running a fun giveaway… You don’t want to miss it.”

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Robin Williams – Disney Bosses Paint Touching Tribute In The Stars

resizedimageRobin Williams gets touching tribute by Disney Bosses at the Walt Disney Company. What they did was a painting of an image to their Genie, the animated magical Aladdin character in the crafted of stars in the night sky.

Chairmen to Disney, Robert Iger also gave his statement to Williams realizing a caption for the image. Which reads:

“We’re deeply saddened by the loss of Robin Williams, a wonderfully gifted man who touched our hearts and never failed to make us laugh. An incredible actor and a comedic genius, Robin will always be remembered for bringing some of the world’s favorite characters to life, from his zany alien on Abc’s Mork & Mindy to the irascible Genie in Disney’s Aladdin.

“He was a true Disney Legend, a beloved member of our family, and he will be sorely missed. We join Robin’s friends and fans everywhere in mourning, and offer our thoughts and condolences to his family during this difficult time.”

Also organizers of the annual Deauville American Film Festival in France they will also pay their tributes to Williams, who visited the event in 1988 and 1999.

Calling the tragic star “an old friend”, festival bosses have posted photos of the late actor at the event on Deauville’s Twitter.com page.

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‘Girls’ Zosia Mamet Struggled With Food Issues

resizedimageZosia Mamet talks about her eating disorder. The daughter of American playwright, essayist, screenwriter, and film director David Mamet and actress Lindsay Crouse, who starred in Parenthood and the television series Girls has spoke out candidly about it in a recent interview with Glamour magazine. She was a child when her struggles began, and her father tried to help her although she went into a relapse.

“You want to control something, and then society says: ‘Hey, how about controlling the way you look? Skinny is beautiful,’” she explains in the column.

Now she is keeping to a healthy weight and hopes as she spoke about her issue it help other people that have the same problems,

“Let’s diminish the stigma. Let’s remind one another that we’re beautiful,” she says.

Also about Mamet, she is from Vermont and follwoing hish school, she went onto pursue acting instead of heading off to college.

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Courtney Stodden, 19 Doug Hutchison , 54 Confirm Renewing Vows


resizedimageCourtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison reuniting. Maybe the Lost star was lost without his young bride, because it has been reported that Hutchinson and the young television personality will once again exchange their vows together. Well it seems that now at nineteen she’s had time to grow and is ready to settle down with the over fifty year old, who she split with last Fall.

The couple first wed in 2011 when she was just sixteen, and he well a mature age of fifty one , have now confirmed the news in a post on twitter, writing,

“It’s true, hun,” after a fan asked if reports of their reconciliation were real.

“Doug and I have been through so much together, but somehow through it all, it brought us closer and confirmed my love for him,” she told TMZ affiliate Fishwrapper.com.

“My love and respect for Courtney is timeless and I look forward to our future ceremony when we renew our vows,” Hutchison added.

Although separated, they never officially divorced and continue to be living together in the same house. [Read more...]

Gordon Ramsay Being Sued Over Fat Cow

UntitledGordon Ramsay is being sued for six million dollars? He is a popular Scottish celebrity chef, restaurateur, and television personality, and he appears to be with his ex landlord. He is well known celebrity chef and what the story is, his former landlord is claiming that he skipped out on his failed Los Angeles restaurant The Fat Cow as he did not pay up the amount of fifty two thousand dollars for a month long-term least in The Grove shopping centre, TMZ reports.

The lawsuit is the latest in a string of legal woes to hit the ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ star over the restaurant, which closed in March.

The eatery closed following a long battle with a Florida restaurant owner who claimed to have exclusive rights to the ‘Fat Cow’ name, and Gordon is also being sued for $10 million by his business partner Rowen Seibel for shutting down the restaurant over the branding dispute.

In his civil suit, Rowen alleged the 47-year-old chef ran the restaurant like a ”dictatorship” before ”secretly shutting down” and reopening on his own under the name GR Roast.

His legal documents claimed:

”Ramsay attempted to run the business and make decisions on behalf of [his partners] similar to his television personality on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ – as a dictatorship.

”Instead, in a dramatic money grab and breach of his fiduciary obligation to Seibel, Fat Cow LLC and FCLA, Gordon Ramsay began taking steps to secretly shut down Fat Cow Restaurant, using the trademark issue as his straw man excuse, and open a new restaurant at the premises without Seibel.”

Representatives for the ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ star later hit back and accused Rowen of ”spectacularly mismanaging” the eatery.
They said:

”We’re surprised that Mr. Seibel has the audacity to file this ridiculous suit when he and his team were responsible for the day to day running of The Fat Cow and spectacularly mismanaged it resulting in a string of financial and legal issues.

”Gordon Ramsay and his team immediately stepped in and tried to resolve these issues, but Seibel refused to engage in any meaningful conversations, rendering the restaurant unsustainable.”

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‘Pretty Woman’ Julia Roberts ‘Really Proud’ Of Her Accomplishments

UntitledJulia Roberts is ‘really proud’ of herself. She became well known when she acted in the movie Pretty Woman and as a working mother to her nine year old twins Hazel and Phinneaus, and seven-year-old son Henry with husband Danny Moder this makes her real proud. When it comes to finding time for her family, she tries real hard as she find it utmost difficult to head out to work when she needs to. The also Mirror Mirror star, She said:

”It was a decision that was very difficult to make.”

Making sure she is on hands-on mother she finds herself only working on one film a year. But she said:

”I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished in my career. By [the time I had children] I felt I had really earned staying home with my kids and being with my family.”

Asked if her children realize that she is famous, the 46-year-old star also told the ‘TODAY’ show:

”I think they have a firm understanding that they are children of parents in show business.

”When ‘Mirror Mirror’ came out, all of the kids in their class saw it and I wouldn’t let them see it. So they felt that they were being penalized for being my children.”

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Thomas Cohen (Peaches Geldof) Too Traumatized Abandons Marital Home

resizedimageThomas Cohen, husband of the late Peaches Geldof abandons home. Cohen was a former vocalist of S.C.U.M, a South East London based post-punk/art rock group and Geldof, was an English journalist, television presenter and model, who died at her home in April 7, 2014 of an apparent heroin overdose and he just too traumatized to return to their marital home. It has been reported that he has stayed away from their Wrotham, Kent home for fifteen weeks after he was the one to discover his wife’s body slumped on a bed from a heroin overdose in April.

The couple share two children together, two year old Astala and fifteen month old Phaedra, and they are are now staying with his parents in Eltham, south London. A neighbour told the Daily Mirror newspaper:

”Thomas hasn’t been back to the house for a long time. Whenever he needs something, he gets his mum to pick it up.

”He is haunted by what has happened and is constantly reminded of Peaches and the happy times they shared, as well as the moment he found her.

”He has told friends he wants to sell it when he has the strength. But the house has remained empty for the majority of the time since she passed away.”

Earlier this week, an inquest into Peaches’ death was told the 25-year-old mother-of-two had begun taking high purity heroin again in February after two-and-a-half years using substitute drug methadone.

Drugs paraphernalia, including knotted tights, a capped syringe with brown residue in the main chamber and burnt spoons, were found in the home.

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