Al Pacino Opens Up On Depression

resizedimageAl Pacino Feels “Spared” And “Lucky” that he was in a position to avoid depression. The star, who is well known for playing mobster roles, such as in The Godfahter and Scarface has spoke out about his thoughts on mental illness following his portrayal of leading characters in ‘The Humbling’ and ‘Manglehorn’ who suffer from depression.

The seventy four year old shows his acting skills when he starred in these two powerful dramas, and each of them has similar roles, which the part he plays, deals with depression and have suicidal tendencies who are unable to move on with their lives. He says because of these roles he may have suffered from depression.

“Fortunately, I may be depressed, but I don’t know about it,” he said at a press conference at the Venice Film Festival Saturday (Aug 30th), via THR. “I don’t see how I could not be depressed, some of the time, but I don’t know about it.”

“How does it go? You say I’m depressed? Life is sort of like all over us,” he continued. “Things make you sad. Basically you’d like to be a little happier sometimes. But ‘depressed’ seems so ominous. It’s really in all of us. We all relate to it.”

“I probably have been, and I’m glad that I don’t know about it, but now that you mention it maybe I’ll give it some thought and be depressed,” Pacino added. “People go into depressions and it’s very sad and it’s terrifying. I’ve had bouts with that, that comes close to that, but nothing that deep. I feel spared and I’m lucky.”

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