Michael Lohan’s Jailed Pregnant Fiancée Rushed To Hospital

resizedimageMichael Lohan’s fiancée has been taken to the hospital. He is known as a reality television personality and the father to the singer Lindsay and the actress Ali and this has been that reported that Kate Major, who is five months pregnant in fact was on August 15, 2014. Major, who is doing time in Palm Beach County jail had to be taken to the Florida Wellington Hospital because of excessive bleeding. A source told the MailOnline:

”Kate started bleeding and 911 was called. Several nurses, paramedics and Sergeants responded because of the amount of bleeding. She was diagnosed with placenta praevia and the baby is in breach position. Kate is a high risk pregnancy and feels she is not getting the proper medical treatment in jail. Friday at the hospital was the first day Kate was examined by an OBGYN.”

Also Lohan has bad thoughts that Major may not get some help she needs in jail and may even miscarriage, for this he sought some legal advice to see can do about her eight month sentence for (DUI), He said:

”I am not going to stop being vocal and exposing the jail until the public hears me, I am not only doing this for Kate and our unborn child, but I am doing this for every other woman that is subject to this kind of treatment by the courts and the jail.”

Major and Lohan already have an eighteen month old son Landon.

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