Michael J Fox Shocked By Robin Williams’ Diagnosis

resizedimageMichael J Fox was surprised to learn about Robin Williams diagnoses. Fox is very popular for being part of the Back to the Future trilologies was just stunned when he heard Williams had any signs of Parkinson’s Disease, because the star himself was given his diagnoses of the disease in 1991. Fox hails the tragic star as a true friend recalling the work the actor put in raising money for his foundation, which raised money and awareness of Parkinson’s, in a Twitter tribute. Michael wrote:

”Stunned to learn Robin had PD. Pretty sure his support for our Fdn predated his diagnosis. A true friend; I wish him peace.”

Williams’s third wife, Susan Schneider, revealed yesterday, August 14, 2014 that the Hook actor was told he was in the early stages of the disease when he committed suicide.

Also the thirty two year old comedian Jeff Kilstein said Williams, who once battled alcohol addiction would be there for him whenever he found he was struggling. Kilstein also revealed that at the time Williams paid his wages when his radio show was struggling He told Us Weekly magazine:

”Every time I struggled with addiction myself, or depression, or thought about quitting he would chat with me on the phone.

”I’d be sitting in my office and Robin Williams. In the softest voice, would just be helping me through it all. He would help me out of my darkest moments.”

He recalled:

”My radio show Citizen Radio had a moment where we almost had to stop because we were getting kicked out of our space.

”Robin heard about it through our mutual friends and called me, just saying, ‘What do you need?’ He made up the difference in my salary while we were struggling. Our inside joke was that we didn’t have sponsors but we were brought by ‘Robin Williams.’ ”

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