Mandy Moore’s Home Becoming A Zoo

resizedimageMandy Moore’s home is a zoo. She is a thirty years old and a singer and fashion designer, who shot to fame with her hit single Candy and she reveals the place she resides is turning into this. She and musician Ryan Adams are married and she admits that as she loves pets so much, she always has a big urge to adopt new ones to give them a home. The ‘Tangled’ star told

”I have four adopted cats myself at home, and I’m a big animal advocate and lover. I’m lucky to be married to somebody who feels the same way. We have our own little zoo happening right now.”

She jokingly added:

”There’s no way to have a connection with my husband because there are always animals in between [us]!”

It was back in 2009 when they wed, purchasing there first pet a dog right after their relationship started. Mandy said:

”We adopted our dog, Joni, when we were dating. She’s the apple of my eye. A total momma’s girl.”

Other pets that reside with them are, another dog, Jackson, in addition to her cats, Theo, Vincent, Maddie and Addison. She added:

”We also have three feral cats that are living in our backyard.”

She has also said that she wants to enjoy her pets and children before she starts a family with her thirty nine year old boyfriend, saying that a baby will happen for sure in the future. She said:

”We’re enjoying the animal children first.”

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