Kendra Wilkinson Slammed By Brother Calling Their Father Was A Coward

resizedimageKendra Wilkinson was slammed by her own brother. She is a television personality, businesswoman and glamour model, the daughter of former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader was by her sibling after she had featured their own father on her reality show. Well now Colin Wilkinson, what he wants to his boycott Kendra on Top. What the twenty nine year old is saying their father Eric should have not been payed for his appearance on the new upcoming show, what he his trying to get out there

”is a person should not be rewarded who has done nothing but cause pain and suffering.”

He wrote on Facebook:

”Kendra has not only PAID my FATHER to appear on her reality show but also took the time to fly to another country to visit him.(sic)”

Colin went to brand Eric ”the biggest coward piece of s**t” and ”not a man” for walking out on their family.

He added:

”A man should not leave his family behind because he doesn’t feel like raising 2 kids.

A man doesn’t leave his family starving and broke. The last time I ever met my dad he locked Kendra and I on his back patio during [Super Bowl] sunday, with no food, water or jackets. Like a couple of homeless dogs.(sic)”

He also went onto say that Kendra just cared about ratings more than her own family.

He concluded:

”I will always strive to be the exact opposite of what he stands for.”

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  1. Interesting articles, I still feel bad about R. Williams so sad. I love the quote I will always strive to be the exact opposite of what he stands for.

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