Gordon Ramsay Being Sued Over Fat Cow

UntitledGordon Ramsay is being sued for six million dollars? He is a popular Scottish celebrity chef, restaurateur, and television personality, and he appears to be with his ex landlord. He is well known celebrity chef and what the story is, his former landlord is claiming that he skipped out on his failed Los Angeles restaurant The Fat Cow as he did not pay up the amount of fifty two thousand dollars for a month long-term least in The Grove shopping centre, TMZ reports.

The lawsuit is the latest in a string of legal woes to hit the ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ star over the restaurant, which closed in March.

The eatery closed following a long battle with a Florida restaurant owner who claimed to have exclusive rights to the ‘Fat Cow’ name, and Gordon is also being sued for $10 million by his business partner Rowen Seibel for shutting down the restaurant over the branding dispute.

In his civil suit, Rowen alleged the 47-year-old chef ran the restaurant like a ”dictatorship” before ”secretly shutting down” and reopening on his own under the name GR Roast.

His legal documents claimed:

”Ramsay attempted to run the business and make decisions on behalf of [his partners] similar to his television personality on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ – as a dictatorship.

”Instead, in a dramatic money grab and breach of his fiduciary obligation to Seibel, Fat Cow LLC and FCLA, Gordon Ramsay began taking steps to secretly shut down Fat Cow Restaurant, using the trademark issue as his straw man excuse, and open a new restaurant at the premises without Seibel.”

Representatives for the ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ star later hit back and accused Rowen of ”spectacularly mismanaging” the eatery.
They said:

”We’re surprised that Mr. Seibel has the audacity to file this ridiculous suit when he and his team were responsible for the day to day running of The Fat Cow and spectacularly mismanaged it resulting in a string of financial and legal issues.

”Gordon Ramsay and his team immediately stepped in and tried to resolve these issues, but Seibel refused to engage in any meaningful conversations, rendering the restaurant unsustainable.”

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