Cara Delevingne And Modelling Agency Bosses Tattoo Clashes

resizedimageCara Delevingne has clashed with bosses because of tattoos. She is an English fashion model, socialite, actress and singer ha spoke her mind saying she will not stop getting them. The twenty one year old just recently showed her newest design, which is white text reading ‘breathe deep’. It has been reported that she had a showdown with the bosses as they have said that because of her ink it is risking her spot on the catwalk. An insider told the Daily Mirror newspaper:

”Cara is without doubt the world’s most tattooed high profile model.

”It is not ideal for catwalk shows, especially when she’s modeling delicate summerwear, and particularly feminine collections.
”But her family are totally supportive, and couldn’t care less, so that’s all she’s really bothered about. She told bosses that anything can be airbrushed these days and it wouldn’t affect her professional appeal.”
Cara though just happens to be very independent and refuses to ”take orders from anyone”.

The source added: ”Cara is her own person, and won’t take orders from anyone.

”She also joked about Kate Moss being airbrushed, with no one complaining about that. The tattoos are here to stay.”
She is now keen on concentrating on her acting career as she has said no to some roles
after being made so many offers.

The insider said:

”Film offers are flooding in but a lot of them are ridiculous – things she would never consider in a million years.
”She’s waiting for the perfect roles and, in the mean time, is focusing on getting healthy and in tip-top condition.”

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