Big Brother’s Frankie Grande Sad News revealed By Producers

UntitledFrankie Grande has just heard some sad news. The Big Brother star’s sister, Ariana, who plays Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious and reprised the role on the spin-off Sam & Cat actress originally kept the news from him, however the reality show producers just recently broke the news to hi that his grandfather had died, and it seems that the whole house is rallying around him.

TMZ broke the story earlier today … Frankie Grande’s grandpa died on Tuesday, but Ariana obeyed his final wish — to keep his death secret from Frankie, and allow him to continue on ‘BB.’

But this evening producers passed a note to Frankie from his family … which revealed the sad news.

0723-subasset-arianna-grande-instagramAccording to bloggers watching the ‘BB’ live feed — Frankie broke down in tears and shared the news with everyone else in the house. Some of the other house guests are crying too.

It’s extremely rare for “Big Brother” producers to break quarantine and allow contestants to get news from the outside world.

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  1. aimee fauci says:

    Wow that is weird… No matter the ‘final wish’ I would have probably told him anyways.

  2. How sad that fame and fortune should play into such a tragic event.

  3. I would have told him. I would think that would upset him more not to know at the time it happened.

  4. Ugh, poor thing. I don’t watch Big Brother (because CBS doesn’t offer any of their shows On Demand) but I feel so bad for him. It’s got to be hard grieving the loss of a relative on national television.

  5. Jesenia says:

    So sad, I heard about this the other day. I can’t even imagine.

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