Susan Sarandon’s Granddaughter’s Name Will Be Unusual

resizedimageSusan Sarandon’s granddaughter to have ‘unusual’ name. The former Soap Opera A World Apart actress’s daughter Eva Amurri Martino and her husband Kyle will welcome into their lives their first child in August. The Lorenzo’s Oil star reveals that the couple have already picked out a name for the unborn baby. Speaking to PEOPLE, she said:

”It’s not a vegetable, a city or a place. It’s a real name, but it’s unusual. I really like it.”

The sixty seven year old star already have children twenty four year old Jack nd and twenty one year old Miles with her ex Tim Robbins, as well as Eva, whose father is filmmaker Franco Amurri, is really looking forward to the new edition insisting that she will be there to change diapers. She explained:

”I’m very excited to be a grandmother. It’s going to happen soon. She’s due in August. I’m making my way to LA and cleared August and most of September to be with her.”

Asked whether she’d be changing nappies, she added:

”I changed all of my kids nappies. It’s different when it’s your granddaughter though. I’m going to follow all my daughter’s rules, but behind her back I’m going to break them and spoil the baby because I think that’s what grandmothers are for.”

Also she has requested if the child will Honey rather than grandma. She explained:

”It [Honey] seems different and sounds warm and sweet. I don’t know if the baby will know how to say it right away, but that’s what we are going for.”

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  1. paula schuck says:

    What the ? 67? Seriously? I should be so gorgeous at 67! That’s madness.

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