Maggie Gyllenhaal Gushes Over Her Husband

resizedimageMaggie Gyllenhaal gushes about husband. The actress, who is the older sister of actor Jake Gyllenhaal says that is is hard to juggle mother hood and her career but her spouse Peter Sarsgaar helps her allot. The thirty six year old World Trade Center actress has daughters seven year old Ramona and two year old Gloria with the forty three year old says that there have been times that he turns away form roles caring for their children so she can go to work. He also got her to move U.K. move when she turned a role in the West End last year because she didn’t want to disrupt
their family’s life. She said:

”Peter was encouraging me to do this, but I said I can only do it if he didn’t work and could guarantee being with the kids. He made it possible for me to be an actress.”

Maggie isn’t worried about turning 40 in a few years, as she believes there are a lot more opportunities for older actresses these days.
She explained:

”I saw Amy Adams recently… She is very slightly older than me, I think, and we were saying that now there are roles which are capturing a vibrant moment in an older woman’s life. There was a time when those interesting roles stopped at 28. A few years ago we would have been finished by our age.”

She now likes being in London, but says it was initially ”a culture shock” for her. She told The Telegraph newspaper:

”I love working here and I have worked here enough that I have friends and I know where to do grocery shopping.”

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