Liam Gallagher Just ‘Fuming’ With His Ex-Lover

resizedimageLiam Gallagher is fuming with his ex lover. He is an English musician and the lead vocalist of the rock band Oasis and he is over the fact that he and his ex Liza Ghorbani child support deal for their eighteen month old daughter had just fell apart. He also worked with the band Beady Eye and his marriage of five years with Nicole Aplleton ended when last the news came out that he had feathered a child with the New York based writer.

What he is paying write now is five thousand dollars, however she wants to be able to check how much the British star is actually worth before they reach a permanent settlement. Following a hearing on Monday (23.06.14), the 41-year-old rocker’s lawyer Raoul Felder claimed Liza kept changing her demands and told the New York’s Post Page Six:

”She’s a very hard lady to satisfy.”

He added:

”This has been a tortuous route.”

A source close to Liam told the Daily Mirror newspaper:

”Liam just wants the deal done and to move on. He was fuming they couldn’t get it sorted out as it has been dragging on for a long time.”

But her lawyer, Ira Garr, insisted:

”We’re still trying to settle.”

A source close to Liza also said:

”Liza is living with her parents, and they are the ones providing for Gemma and doing Liam’s job.”

The ‘Wonderwall’ hitmaker, who embarked on a romance with Liza after she interviewed him in 2010, was not present for the hearing in front of a Manhattan Supreme Court judge, but phoned in from London. Liza first sued Liam in the city’s Family Court, but the case was dismissed.

Another hearing has been scheduled for late September, but Liam may be allowed to phone in to the proceeding again. Gallagher also has three other children, daughter Molly, 16, with former flame Lisa Moorish, son Lennon, 14, with ex-wife Patsy Kensit, and 12-year-old son Gene with Nicole.

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