Kendra Wilkinson’s Mom Patti Believes Daughter Is Totally Changed By Fame

resizedimageKendra Wilkinson‘s mum says Hollywood has changed who she is. Wilkinson is a television personality and glamour model, known for being on of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends and her mother thinks fame has ruined her. Patti, her mother says her daughter has changed since her relationship with the Playboy Mogul, that’s when he shot to fame and along with his other girlfriends Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt, had her exploits chronicled on E! reality series ‘The Girls Next Door‘. Speaking to, she revealed:

”When Kendra was on ‘The Girls Next Door’ I think that she was down to earth, she was fun, it was all new to her and exciting. That was Kendra, that definitely was Kendra.

”As years go by Hollywood has crept in and I think it has changed her and not for the better and I never thought it would happen.”

Twenty eight year old Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett have children four year old son Hank and a new baby born, May 16, 2014, Alijah, together. Her mother has not seen the new little one yet and believes that her daughter will push out of her life completely in the upcoming years. She added:

”I’ve never really said anything about Hollywood creeping in and taking over her life to Kendra because I’ve always kept my mouth shut. I’ve always told her my opinion, but I’ve never told her anything like that for fear that I would be completely cut out of her life and little Hank’s life and that would be the end.”

 Patti alleges Kendra is surrounded by people who want to please her and allow her to behave however she wants, which has let her ego grow. She added:

”From my observation Kendra has surrounded herself with yes people. Everybody in her life yeses her, including Hank.

”I mean everybody, her manager, everybody. I don’t think that’s healthy, I really don’t. I’m the only one really that would say ‘No I don’t think you should do that’ or ‘I think that wasn’t correct.’ Not that I want her to listen to me and do what I say. But it gives her another perspective.”

Before she added:

”I think as an adult I think this is more ‘I’m a princess, I’m up on this pedestal. You’re down there And that’s the way I’m going to keep it.”

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