Harrison Ford Compares Himself To ‘Battered Old’ Car

resizedimageHarrison Ford is a ‘battered old’ car. The popular star from the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones feels like after he has thrown himself at movie stunts. It has just been recently when the star was injured on set of the new Sci-fi saga has compared himself to a classic motor saying it does this to himself because of his much dedication. Speaking to the Daily Express newspaper, he quipped: ”I am like a battered old Ford.

”And I keep on coming back for more. If it doesn’t look real on the screen than an audience does not believe what it sees.”

It was just before his injury when he was speaking about his stunts saying he knows now when he stop so he won’t get hurt to badly.

He explained:

”Although i do my own running, jumping and falling, I always try to keep myself from being hurt. So I know what will work and what won’t.”

He is also shocked when comes to the length of time that his character lasted as long as it did.

He said:

”I honestly never thought my acting would last thing long. All I’ve done is try to get scripts which interest me and make sure I prepare as well as I possibly can.

”After that, it’s a matter of hoping that people like what they see and keep on going back. It’s not an ‘art’. I simply enjoy it as a great job.”

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