Shailene Woodley Adds Clay To Her Health Diet

Image1Shailene Woodley has now added clay to her diet. She is known for her role as Amy Juergens in the series The Secret Life of the American Teenager and she had did this to try and keep as healthy as she can. The Descendants star gives an explanation that she has made her own toothpaste and it is with clay, this was her way of getting a daily dose as she read up on the benefits of earth in her diet. She tells U.S. late night host David Letterman,

“If you look at indigenous cultures around the world, people are eating clay almost daily. It’s just a part of their diet… because it’s really good for their bodies…

“Clay binds to other materials in your body and helps your body excrete those materials that are not necessarily the best for you…”

She is twenty two year old, and she earth loving, as she studies herbalism and practices a concept called “re-wilding”, aiding in the connection of plants around her and understand their benefits.

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