Selena Gomez To Erase Justin Bieber ‘Mentioning His Name Never Again’

resizedimageSelena Gomez is trying to erase Justin Bieber. The Disney star singer is trying to do this with the Canadian pop idol Bieber, not even wanting to say his name anymore, this is according to HollywoodLife. The Wizards of Waverly Place actress in the past years has had an and off relationship with the twenty year singing sensation. It is also reported that she is giving herself her vest effort to forget him and move ahead with her own life.

According to HollywoodLife, while Selena was shooting her Adidas Neo commercial in New York City last month, she asked for all traces of Justin to be removed from her working environment and didn’t even want to say his name.

A source said:

”A few of the camera guys names were Justin and her team asked [if] their names be changed so she didn’t have to say the name Justin.”

The request came just a few days after the pair were spotted hanging out together in McAllen, Texas, before going to a dance studio to rehearse.

Meanwhile, Justin has been linked to a number of beauties, since the pair reportedly had a ”huge fight”, including 18-year-old model Yovanna Ventura and Selena’s friend Kylie Jenner.

However reported is that Gomez doesn’t seem bothered at all over rumours and claims Justin can date whomever he likes.

A source added:

”If he wants to date [a] teenager like Kylie or a wannabe model, then let him. She’s done and moving on from the broken promises and drama.”

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