Penelope Cruz Enjoys To Swim With Sharks.

resizedimagePenelope Cruz enjoys swimming with sharks. She is a popular actress, who at the age of fifteen was signed by an agent and made her acting debut at the age of sixteen in Jamon Jamon says she jus loves to do this. The Vanilla Sky star and her husband Javier Bardem have children three year old Leo and eleven month old Luna just enjoys seeing the amazing sea creature when she is scuba diving but says I’m not ”crazy” enough to get up close to the biggest and most dangerous of the species out of a contained environment.

Asked what every woman should try at least once, she said:

”Scuba diving–with sharks. I’ve done it in the Caribbean and Brazil. I think they were lemon sharks or reef sharks. If I ever do it with a great white shark, it will be in a cage. I’m not crazy.”

The forty favorite ways to Holiday is just being on the beach. She said:

”I like anytime I’m on the beach, in the sun, lying on the sand.”

Although because of work she has visit places in the world she still has a list of places she would like to visit.She said: ”I would love to visit Patagonia, and then I would go to the Amazon, because I’ve never been.”

She also reveals that her grandmother’s ring has been stolen and it left her devastated. Asked the best gift she’s been given, she told America’s Marie Claire magazine:

”A ring my grandmother gave me. I had it for years, but it was stolen. I did many movies in which it was part of my character’s costume.”

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