‘English Smile Vocalist Lily Allen, 29, Experienced Feelings Of Isolation

Image1Lily Allen had feelings of isolation. the English singer songwriter had felt this way when she first found out she was pregnant. The Smile vocalist had been shocked how expecting a baby would affect her friendships. The twenty eight year old and her husband Sam Cooper have children Ethel and Marnie, she married in 2011.Just before her time as being a mother, she had been known for her wild lifestyle and party antics and when this part of her changed so did the close people around her.

“It was obvious that some people I thought were my friends were not my friends. Because they knew I couldn’t smoke, drink or take drugs I wasn’t interesting to them anymore. I was quite shocked, actually,” she recalled to British magazine Q. “I’d always been part of the naughty crowd and when you get pregnant and can’t be part of the naughty crowd any more it’s like, ‘Who are my friends?’ That was quite scary. And isolating.”

She has known Cooper since the age of fifteen, and she gives him praise for helping her leave her old ways behind and settling down.

“Even though I’ve known him for a long time he sort of introduced me to myself. He forced me to face reality. Instead of joining in the party and drinking the free bar he said, ‘I think I really love you and I want us to have a future together, but I can’t do this because it’s really self-destructive and these guys are *****, they’re not your friends. Why not come and have a life with me?” she sighed.

“And thank God I did, because it’s the first time in my life where I feel like if I’ve had a really sh*t day I know exactly who to call: my soulmate. I’ve never, ever felt as stable as I do now.”

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