Emma Roberts Reveals Bad Experince With Spray Tan

Image1Emma Roberts talks tanning disaster. She starred in the mermaid movie Aquamarine, then she was lead character in the Nancy Drew film and she said that she looked like she had rolled in mud, when she went for the spray tan. The star, who is twenty three year old said that she was a teen, other teens used to bug her about her pale skin, and when prom time came and she attempted to get a golden tan, it was a disaster. She recalled:

”I was that person who went with the boyfriend’s friend.

”I had a really bad spray tan, because I used to get made fun of for being pale. I thought, ‘I’m gonna get a spray tan and be really glamorous’, but I looked like I rolled in mud.

”So, um, that was really fun.”

She was educate at her home, not experiencing a regular school. He aunt is actress Julia Roberts and she recently said that her parents didn’t want to follow an acting career. Speaking to James Franco for V magazine, she said:

”I was home schooled, which was definitely not like a regular high school experience.”

She said:

”She [my mum] just didn’t want me to go into it [acting] young. When you come from a family that’s in the industry, they’re always like, ‘Be a doctor! Be a lawyer!’ But we end up wanting to be actors.”

When asked if she received any advice from Julia, she added:

”No one said anything to me about acting because they hoped it would just be a phase. But I kept doing it!”

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