Emma Roberts’ Her Family Was Thinking Acting Was Just A ‘Phase’

Image1Emma Roberts‘ family thought acting was a ‘phase’. But the actress starred in a few hit movies, such as Aquamarine and Valnetine’s Day and they were hoping that she would just out grow it. The twenty three year old, whose Aunt is Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts reveals that it was up to her family she would have never acted she would have been a doctor. Speaking in the June issue of Elle Canada magazine, she said:

”She [my mum] just didn’t want me to go into it [acting] young. When you come from a family that’s in the industry, they’re always like, ‘Be a doctor! Be a lawyer!’ But we end up wanting to be actors.”

When asked if she received any advice from Julia, she added: ‘

‘No one said anything to me about acting because they hoped it would just be a phase. But I kept doing it!”

She gained allot of fame with her Unfabulour role and she known that her much determination in following her own dreams, was because she was raised by a single parent, by her mother Kelly Cunningham. She explained:

”I’ve always been very opinionated. That’s what comes from being raised by a single mother. My mum always instilled confidence and told me to have an opinion and to educate myself.”

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