Dolly Parton believes In Being Always Camera Ready

resizedimageDolly Parton is always camera ready. The legendary Country singer says she sleeps make up ready, just in case a earthquake occurs. The Jolene vocalist who married Carl Thomas Dean forty eight years ago believes in being like this all the time, that means even in the middle of the night. She said:

”I would go wig-less, but I put little hot rollers in my hair in the morning and a little scrunchie but I would not answer the door without some make-up or hair. No.

”I spend a lot of time in California, and you know, they’re always prone to have earthquakes, I never take my make-up off at night, I always keep it. Cause, I thought, if I have to run out in the streets you know, I have to look good cause you know there are going to be cameras everywhere.”

The sixty eight year old also said that she may go bare faced, for her husband id there was a medical reason, but would have to really think about it. Speaking to talk show host Wendy Williams, she said:

”The only way I’d go out without make-up and my hair done up a little bit is if my husband had a heart attack, and I’d have to really think about it.”

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