Charlize Theron Expresses Red Carpet Occasions Are Just Weird.

UntitledCharlize Theron says red carpet events are weird. The South African beauty, who rose to fame with movies such as Might Joe Young and The Cider House Rules says it’s not a normal thing to feel comfortable when on the red carpet. The actress and fashion model doesn’t get why anyone can feel at ease all dressed up to attended the event as it is such a ”surreal” time, for herself and doesn’t take her time on the red carpet for granted. She said:

”I always say if you get comfortable with that stuff you should probably check yourself because there’s nothing natural or normal in that environment at all, and there’s never been a moment for me where I’ve gone ‘Oh, it’s just that again’. It’s definitely always a very surreal reality of my life.”

Thirty eight year old Theron has a two year old son called Jackson and she says when she was younger she viewed her first job as being a ”luxurious waitress”. She is it wsn;t enjoying, but what she did like about it was the freedom. Speaking to the Telegraph website, she said:

”I always refer to it as I really luxurious waitressing job. I can’t say that it was a dream or passion of mine but I’m so eternally grateful for it because it made me independent. Where I couldn’t work as a waiter in a lot of places because I had a South African passport, I had this job where I could do one or two jobs a month and not have to work again and that was enough to pay my rent. To have that financial independence was just so fantastic.”

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