Arnold Schwarzenegger Quite ‘Excited’ About Conan Movie

resizedimageArnold Schwarzenegger is ‘excited’ about Conan movie. He is a well known Australian born American actor and a former professional bodybuilder and he has been waiting since his days in 1982 Conan the Barbarian and in 1984 Conan the Destroyer to able to reprise his role and is happy to be making ‘The Legend of Conan’ as he waited so long. He is also known as the Terminator, one of his best known movie roles says finally  a new installment is underway, because at first the right budget or director for the film made it difficult to take up offers to reprise his role as the muscular sword and sorcery hero. He said:

”They said ‘Do you want to play Conan? I thought ‘Oh it will be great to be back’ because it’s all of the original characters.

”I’ve tried to do more Conan movies [ in the past], but the people who have owned the rights I didn’t want to do Conan movies with, if they weren’t on the level of big movies, you know it needed the budget behind it, the director behind it, then it can be a proper movie.”

At sixty six, he feels honoured to have been offered the chance at return as the destructive cyborg in ‘Terminator 5′ next year despite their are critics who are concerned that his age could jeopardize the story’s continuity. He gushed:

”So the ‘Terminator’ movie came to me, and I felt very honoured and because there are people who they could have got to do it but they decided to cast me back in the film.”

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