Perfect Imperfections: Surgeon Strategy to Avoid Common Beauty

Plastic surgery procedures are not a matter of transforming yourself from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan but are about reshaping or restoring part of the body to get more self-confidence or personal satisfaction. Surgeons, such as those at AI4PS in Plano, Texas, should not want to change everything about their clients because there is no one way to be beautiful. Good surgeons consider many factors to create a realistic, imperfect and lovely appearance that is more genuine and pleasing than a generic idea of what is appealing.

No One Size Fits All ​

Those with insecurities like a large nose or thin lips often want these problem parts to look normal and unremarkable after years of living with an embarrassing feature. However, making a nose too common might not work because surgeons must consider bone structure, ethnicity, face shape and other facial features to get the right appearance. You will get just as much unwanted attention as before if your new nose does not look like it belongs on your face even if it is cute, symmetrical and petite. Making the new nose or other part blend with your existing features is realistic and the best way to overcome the self-consciousness of a long hated body part.

Natural Looks Best

It is easy to spot when someone got more collagen than needed in the lips or so much tightening that skin looks stretched and paralyzed. Technically perfect adjustments often look unnatural because wrinkles, asymmetry and imperfections happen over time, and having a few flaws make you unique and can be attractive. You and your surgeon should work together to meet your needs while avoiding artificial results. One’s own faults often seem magnified, so the amount of work needed might be less than expected. Subtle changes make it harder for others to tell that any work was done or ever needed.

Be True To Yourself

Those that have an unsightly feature or carry around extra weight have probably received unwanted opinions from well-meaning friends and family or even from rude strangers. However, only your opinion and your doctor’s advice matter when undergoing cosmetic surgery. You may want a breast reduction or want to keep some fat during a liposuction procedure even though larger breasts and stick think figures are traditionally considered desirable. It is reasonable to fix or alter what you dislike regardless of what others think. While compliments from others are flattering, people gain confidence after plastic surgery because they are comfortable with their own appearances not because of outside forces.

Avoid Extremes

Horror stories about people who look unrecognizable and scary after too many elective surgeries are real, and even celebrities who can afford the best treatments look alarming when they radically alter themselves. A competent and practical surgeon knows what is possible and will not over promise results, sell unnecessary surgeries or want to completely reconstruct your face and body. Contemplate all input from a professional before taking action because experts know when surgery is not necessary or when your expectations will likely differ from the outcome.

Plastic surgery cannot make you perfect, but you should not want it to because you can get the changes you desire without looking fake or ordinary. Surgeons succeed when they meet your needs, increase your confidence and create natural features that you appear to have been born with.

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