Paul Walker’s Mother Has Asked For Guardianship Bid To Be Dismissed!

resizedimagePaul Walker’s mother has asked for the guardianship bid to be dismissed. Walker sadly died in car crash, November, 2013 and now his mom is asking for the judge to dismiss her petition of Walker’s daughter Meadow. At first Cheryl Walker did file the papers in a Los Angels Superior Court to get temporary and permanent  guardianship of the fifteen year old.

This happened just last month when she was saying that the teen, which is her granddaughter had been at risk because she believed her mother, Rebecca Soteros, was struggling with alcoholism. But things seemed to be resolved, as the two parties came to an agreement out of court, Cheryl made the decision to drop the bid, after court papers were released earlier this month, April, 2014,  revealed a judge had issued, without prejudice, a ruling denying Walker’s short-term petition.

Also the in The Into the Blue star’s will, he stated that one of his wishes were if he ever died for any reason, he wanted his mother to become Meadow’s guardian.

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