Katie-Holmes People Shouldn’t ”Underestimate” Her!

UntitledKatie Holmes feels ‘tough’. The star, ho was first recognized for her role in Dawson’s Creek says, yes she can be tough when the time is needed. The Abandon actress, who is thirty five years old and divorced actor Tom Cruise in 2012 getting sole custody of their eighty year old daughter, Suri Cruise says believe me hen I say this don’t ”underestimate” her, Asked if she is anything like the bad girl she plays in her new movie,

‘Miss Meadows,’ the brunette beauty told E! News: ”I don’t have a drawer full of weapons in my house if that’s what you’re asking, but I can be tough when I need to be.”

She added:

”I’m an Ohio girl. Don’t underestimate us.”

She is now residing in New York city with her daughter after her sudden breakup to Cruise and she is looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with her. She said:

”I’ve always loved New York and I’ve spent so much time here so many times in my adult life. I have spent more and more time here recently obviously, and yeah I do feel like a New Yorker. I love New York and New Yorkers have really been so kind to myself and my little one, and I just appreciate it. There are so many moments that you have in this city that you connect with all different walks of life and it really means everything.”

She said:

”I’m one of four girls, I’ve a bunch of aunts and cousins, so Mother’s Day is a really big deal. My sisters and I are starting to figure out a plan for ourselves. It’s fun, I always love Mother’s Day.”

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