Ivanka Trump Fit And Trim Tummy Shape Magazine

resizedimageIvanka Trump shows fit and trim bod in Shape Magazine. It has been just six months since the thirty two has given birth. The businesswoman, writer and heiress now has two children and she flaunts her post baby body for the May issue. She is the daughter of Donald Trump and the question is how did she take of thirty pounds of pregnancy weight. She talks how her perspective of food changes when she became pregnant the first time around with her now two-year-daughter.

 ”I ate like a teenager,” she admits of her lifestyle before motherhood.

“Carbs three meals a day, usually in the form of pizza or pasta. But when I was expecting Arabella, my attitude toward food changed, and I began thinking about nutrition in a whole new way. I pushed myself to eat more lean protein, primarily chicken and salmon. Slowly I started to actually enjoy, if not crave, these healthier options.”

However Trump reveals she doesn’t always follow a strict diet.

“I have no problem with the occasional indulgence and still thoroughly relish it,” she shares.

And for work out routine, she tells Shape that she likes to incorporate exercise in which she can spend time with husband, Jared Kushner, Arabella and the couple’s newest addition, son Joseph.

“When I was in my 20s, I felt guilty if I didn’t exercise — now I feel guilty if I do,” she reveals.

“Even if it’s just an hour, that’s time I could be spending with my family. So rather than beat myself up, I find things that I like to do with them instead.”

When Trump does put aside time for just herself, she attends spin classes, does yoga and has sessions with her personal trainer, Rhonda Malkin.

“I try to incorporate a little bit here and there,” she says.

“I’ll take the stairs instead of the elevator, or when I’m on a phone call, I’ll do squats or pace the room while I’m talking. We’re modern women! We have to figure out how to make it work, right?”

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