Debbie Harry’s suffered adoption ‘identity crisis’

resizedimageDebbie Harrie‘s adoption ‘identity crisis’. The lead singer of the punk rock and new wave band Blondie, says she had experienced an identity crisis following her adoption. The star, who is now sixty eight years old won gave her up when she was just at the young age of four months, and now she struggles to think about the adopt when she at the age of four she found out the news. She told MOJO magazine:

”Unfortunately for me, or unfortunately for my parents, I was determined to be an artist. She also says that the ‘dark side of life’ attracted her and she  traveled to Greenwich Village from New Jersey in search of new experiences.

”And of course they weren’t artists and the whole idea of it was barbaric. My mother came from a family that thought artists were the slime of the earth. I think it was frightening for them, because they of course were trying to protect me.”

She also reveals when she was young she had fantazised that Marilyn Monroe was her real mother but insists it was a ”philosophical thing”. She explained:

”I probably used the wrong language in the past. I saw her as the mother of invention or something like that. She had a profound effect on a lot of people.”

She said:

”I think it was more the forbidden and less known sort of things that weren’t a part of my upbringing or normal life. I just wanted to live. I was an artist.

”I was trying to find a specific avenue I was perhaps most suited for. I’m interested in acting, I’m interested in art, I’m interested in music, so I was really ingesting, digesting.”

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