Pharrell Williams Says He Can’t Control Success!

Image1Pharrell Williams cannot control his success. He is a m,ember of the record production The Neptunes say his comes success level is all up to his fans. The Frontin vocalist says the power of how ell is track does is not in his hands and he can’t make his fans purchase or share the tune. Pharrell said:

”Success means the people voted, they requested, they shared it with a friend, they purchased it, they downloaded it. And they did it in large numbers. That is what success means. I have nothing to do with that. I can only control what I do.”

The forty year old once measured his happiness through his success bruit now has got it that it can be detrimental to focus on success, and get


Pharrell added to Red Bulletin magazine: ‘

‘When I was young, yeah, I looked at it differently, because I looked at a lot of people who quantified their happiness by how successful they were. And, nobody wants to work really hard and not get recognized for it.

”You want to be appreciate for your work. But there is a fine line between appreciating your work and doing super well and you getting hooked on that. If you get hooked on success you’re screwed.”

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