Kylie Minogue I Don’t Like Being Boxed into Anything!

resizedimageKylie Minogue isn’t ‘naturally committed’. The Australian singer and recording artist says she does find it hard to keep to the ideal of commitment. The ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ vocalist, whop had been in a relationship with Andres Velencoso for five years and parted ways with him last year says she doesn’t like ”being boxed into anything”, she much prefers her freedom. She is quoted in The Sun on Sunday newspaper as saying: ”I am not the greatest with commitment.

”I don’t like being boxed into anything – thoughts, clothes, being told what you are meant to do. I’m not the most naturally committed person.”

She also said she ended her romance because she had an ”epiphany”. She explained:

”I had a true epiphany. I had a vision of a horizon with nothing on it.

”Our lives never have nothing on the horizon, there is always something you are looking forward to or dreading, but there was nothing there.

”I felt very calm and knew in that moment that I needed a new landscape.”

She also talks about how it is hard for her to have a conversation about Breast Cancer, when she was sick with the disease in 2005, describing it as ”the complete unknown”. Speaking on Norwegian TV, she said:

”I find it difficult. I can’t talk about it for fives minutes and then it is done.

”It’s a huge experience that does go on … You don’t want to have that experience but your life is richer because your body has gone through terror.

”I’d never experienced that – the complete unknown.”

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