Jude Law Gorged On High Calorie cheeseburgers!.

resizedimageJude Law gorged on cheeseburgers. The well known English actor, from Cold Mountain and Sherlock Holmes needed to for his part he played as an overweight criminal in the film Dom Hemingway. Because he played this lead role he felt that she should look more like the part to portray him properly. He explained to website Access Hollywood:

”It just seemed clear that I needed to sort of look a little bit more excessive because he was someone who didn’t

eat healthily, probably had a bit more bulk, drank too much, smoked too much, so I certainly changed what I normally eat.

”[I had] Ice cream – couple of tubs of ice cream a day. Cheeseburgers were good. Lots of pasta, beer, milkshakes.”

One thing that he found easy was losing the weight at the end of filming because he got tired of the high calorie foods. He added:

”I got kind of sick of it. It felt by the end like gorging. I don’t really eat like that normally, so I just stopped.”

Law has moved a little closer to stage roles from  movies, he says he likes the energy rush. He previously said:

”Stage is just a different approach – like being on tour for a musician, as opposed to making an album. In the studio you have all these toys available to you, but when you’re live, you have that adrenaline rush from knowing that at 7:30, you’re on and you’re off!”

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