John Lennon’s A Matter Of Pee Fetches £53,000!

resizedimageJohn Lennon’s ‘A Matter Of Pee’ has sold for £53,000. The late English musician, who gained worldwide fame for being one of the members of the rock band The Beatles has wrote the letter back in the seventies to producer Phil Spector. And now a London auction house Cooper Owen has sold it to a private collector. In the letterer he had a complaint about how Keith Moon of The Who and singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson urinating on the studio mixing desk and claimed he left the studio before the incident. According to The Sun newspaper, The letter – which he wrote with red ink – reads:

”Should you not know, it was Harry and Keith who p****d on the console!

”Tell (the studio owner) to bill Capitol for the damage, if any?

”I can’t be expected to mind adult rock stars, nor can May [Pang]. Besides, she works for me, not A&M.

”I’m about to piss off to (rival studio) Record Plant because of this crap.”

Sadly Lennon was killed in December, 1980, he was married to Yoko Ono.

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