Fergie Is A Big fan Of Actress Jessica Alba!

Image1Fergie thinks that actress Jessica Alba is just great. The singer, known for being a female vocalist of the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas says she is a big fan of Alba’s organic brand The Honest Company and often purchases the eco friendly brand in which she needs from the line for her seven month old son Axl Jack with her husband actor Josh Duhamel. Alba’s line doesn’t contain any toxic materials. The thirty eight year old had spoke to People.com says,

”I feel like [she's] done a great job with that company.”

Fergie added:

”She sent me some [diapers] when he was born and I wrote her a thank you. But I’ve ordered more since she sent them to me because they’re great. I love her moisturising cream as well.”

Also Fergie is feeling proud moments from her little boy as he is now sitting all by himself, and he seems to like her playing with her hair. She said:

”He likes to grab on to everything — including my hair, which I completely encouraged in the beginning. I loved when he touched it, he got so happy. I felt this bond with him as a mommy. I think that a lot of feelings that you have as a mom, they’re so pure and loving. But I asked for it, so now he grabs it all the time!”

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