Enrique Iglesias Reveals I Can’t Relax I’d Go Nuts

resizedimageEnrique  Iglesias says he just can’t relax. He is a Spanish American singer songwriter and he says boredom would set in if he did from his work, saying he would go ‘nuts’. H is now thirty eight years old and his tenth album which is called Sex + Love will be arriving next month n stores. He took a four year gap between release, and he has been questioned what has been up to, he finds this a little peeving.

“I’ve been just touring. People always ask me that, they go, ‘Why did you take three years or four years to put out one album?’ It wasn’t really a break, I wish I’d taken one!” he laughed to British magazine Heat. “Actually I don’t wish that because I’d go nuts, so I have to keep on going. I’ve been touring around the world.”

 He is proud of his new album, included in the hit sis one which features Kylie Minogue, who he calls a “sweetie” and a dream to work with.

“The new album [Sex + Love] is extremely reflective. I wanted to call it that because it’s two words that are so close together, yet can be so far apart. At the end of the day, it’s something we can all emotionally relate to,” he said.

Much has been made of the LP’s single I’m a Freak, which features Pitbull. The promo for the song contains a lot of nudity, with Enrique admitting it was fun to shoot.

“It’s the first time I’ve made a video where the director goes, ‘I just wanna throw a party.’ Just give people alcohol and let them have fun. It was at his friend’s house; I felt sorry for the house,” he said.

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