David Beckham Purchasing Black Cab To Blend In?

Image1David Beckham is purchasing a cab. The English former footballer and husband of former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is reportedly buying a black one, he would like to have the opportunity to drive around London and not be noticed. The star has children fifteen year old Brooklyn, eleven year old Romeo, nine year old Cruz and a two year old daughter called Harper. he is said to have already shopping for the vehicle as he hopes to blend in with other motorists. A source told the Daily Star newspaper:

”David reckons having a London taxi will help him sneak around incognito.

”Being one of the most recognizable faces on the planet means it’s sometimes hard for him to do his normal day-to-day errands.

”He loves his fans, and always tries to make time for them, but sometimes he just wants to nip out to the shop like a normal person.

”People usually spot his flash cars a mile off, so he thinks a low key taxi would be the perfect disguise in London.

”Plus if he’s running late, he could use taxi lanes and get away with it!”

Also Beckham seems to be quite clever going undetected in public, for example last Halloween October, 2013 the thirty eight year old attended a New York party in no costume, when asked who he was dressed up as, just said himself, he had been complimented for his convincing disguise. A source said at the time:

”Beckham was practically the only person at the party not in costume – but because of this barely anyone recognized him.

Somebody asked him,

‘What’s your costume?’ He said, ‘I’m going as David Beckham,’ and the person replied, ‘Wow, you look just like him!’ ”

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