Top Model Naomi Campbell Allegedly Accused Of Bullying Model !

resizedimageNaomi Campbell has been accused of bullying a Russian model. The British model has been by Kira Dikhtyar, who did appear on her fashion show ‘The Face’.What the model is saying is that Campbell had thrown nasty comments out to her since the first tome they met one another while filming the fashion show. The model is putting some blame on Naomi’s Russian boyfriend, Vlad Doronin, he recently left her for one of the show’s contestants. She told the New York Post newspaper:

”Naomi hates Russians. She’s an amazing woman, but it’s very hard to work with her. She put all her [negative] energy on me. After filming ended, they sent me to doctors. I’m still recovering. The network is still paying for my psychiatrist.”
A friend of Kira’s added: ”No matter what Kira did, there was no way to please her.”

But if you didn’t know forty three year old Campbell has had a bad temper before, she even had assault charges brought up against her by former employees and assistants.

In 2008 she pleaded guilty to assaulting two police officers in an incident which also saw her banned for life from traveling with British Airways.

Speaking about the way she handles contestants on

‘The Face’ last year, she said: ”[I give them] tough love. I’m straight up, I’m honest. When my girls do something great, I praise them and pamper them. And when they do something wrong, I’m gonna tell them. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, because they’re not going to get it sugarcoated in the real world.”

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