The reader Kate Winslet Nudity Is Part Of Her Job

resizedimageKate Winslet says nudity is a part of her job. She did a little in the movie Titanic She still prefers to look like herself in sex scenes and admits she doesn’t really enjoy nude scenes. The former Heavenly Creatures actress although felt this way she was not shy of taking it off onscreen as she did strip down for intimate parts in The Reader. She does believe it is okay to be opened to the ideal but for herself, she is not keen on doing so,

“It’s not something one enjoys necessarily,” she admitted to Total Film.
“I think that would be a very honest and fair thing to say. But it’s sometimes a part of my job.”

The thirty eight year old doing her time of the Titanic day had been considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but she sayd there is no need for being immaculate.

“As I get older, I really don’t care what people think of me and the way I look… I don’t have that physical insecurity anymore,” she shrugged.

“I just don’t have it. Plus I do feel very determined that if I’m called to do any level of nudity on screen, I have to look like myself. The idea of that whole perfect thing makes me so crazy.”

She also lately has said her hair at times is too fluffy, she likes her hair relaxed.

“Hairdressers know better than I do, so I leave it to them as long as it’s not too coiffed. I had a French braid in my hair recently for an event and I loved it.

“It was funny taking it out though – my husband, Ned [Rocknroll], and I were over the sink trying to work out which bits were extensions and what was hair. I was cutting bits, saying ‘Hang on, was that mine? Oops, I just cut my own hair,’” Kate laughed.

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