Slash Dislikes Karaoke

UntitledSlash hates karaoke. He is a legendary British musician and songwriter and best known for being a lead of the American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses and he just doesn’t get it, why people a huge fans of it. Just because of his career, some people think he should be interested in all type of music. Music is something that he does appreciate and he lives hearing beautiful voice, however getting up on that stage and belting out a tune during a night out, well that;s not for him.

 ”I hate karaoke with a passion. My wife likes it and some of my friends do, so I often get dragged to these things,” he told NME magazine. “I last about five minutes and then I dial a cab. I’m sorry but I don’t have that sort of jazz-hands thing in me, I just can’t do it.”

The forty eight year old says that goes for dancing also, not much gets him going, Dr Dre’s Xxplosive maybe the only one which gets his foot tapping.

“Nothing really makes me want to dance but his gets me quite close,” he explained. “It’s got that head-nodding aggression that all the best Dre stuff has. He’s a hip-hop producer with a rock kind of energy to him. This isn’t so much funky like James Brown as low-slung but stiff.”

He has mentioned what does have meaning to him, like working with Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. Nut he has refused to name a song he’d like played at his funeral.

“I’m sorry but I can’t name one. Not even as a joke. I know someone’s going to read this and be all like, ‘But you said…’ and then I’m gonna have to spend the rest of my life telling everyone in interviews that no, I probably don’t want that song played at my funeral,” he said. “It’s too big a choice, too big a responsibility.”

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