Nick Carter Reportedly Snubbed Sister’s Wedding

resizedimageNick Carter has reportedly missed his sister’s wedding. He is one of the member’s of the pop group Backstreet Boys was supposed to be the one who walk his younger sister, twnety six year old Angel down the aisle on Saturday, February, 8, 2014, but he celebrated his own upcoming nuptials in Las Vegas instead.

She and Corey Conrad wed at Newhall Mansion in Piru, California. Thirty four year old Nick had been noticeably absent from the ceremony, according to However Angel’s twin brother, Aaron Carter escorted her down the aisle. For Nick and his bride-to-be, Lauren Kitt, celebrated at a joint bachelor and bachelorette party at the Palms Hotel and Ghost Bar with approximately fifteen friends. The singer was clearly looking forward to the event as he shared a picture of their gift bags and champagne on Twitter on Friday (07.02.14), with the caption:

”It’s about to go down at @palms just entered the room of ecstasy.”

Nick previously admitted his relationship with his family

”has been toxic” at times and even claimed they blamed him for the death of his younger sister Leslie from an overdose in 2012. The heartthrob skipped her funeral in favour of performing a scheduled concert and later told the ‘Dr. Phil’ show: ”The communication is something that I’m still to this day trying to work on. … It’s tough when you come from a background like that and a home that is really up and down and roller-coaster.”

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  1. nicole says:

    Seems people are just not gonna give up on making more drama for nick and his family. Like they need more. Hes trying get his lifr back on track and this new drama that ppl know nothing about isn’t helping. Sure all this is just makibg him feel worse and people saying hes a selfish brother when they DONt know his reasons for not going is just wrong. Alao bringing back up the death of Leslie again not cool. Give him some peace. Hes a human with emotions just like us. In his book u can cleary tell hes had a lot of pain and drame withhin his family and he loves his siblings and watnts them in his life. So before u give him the worst brother award find out the actual truth first.

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