Mariah Carey Entices Husband Home With Bra Made Of Candy

resizedimageMariah Carey was wearing a candy bra just to entice her husband home. The singer and actress did this for Valentine’s Day. Just yesterday, February 14, 2014 she had been mentioning how she was going to have to spend the romantic day alone with out him. Cannon was busy filming ‘America’s Got Talent‘. She then started posting a series of seductive pictures designed to bring him home. Next to a photo in her candy bra Mariah wrote:

”Waiting for my Valentine…”

Next to another shot of her wearing the bra in a bath, surrounded by balloons, she said:

”Champagne, bubbles + candy and no Valentine yet…”

However, shortly afterward, Nick, 33, made a surprise appearance back at home, and they posted another photo of him scooping her up in his arms and presenting her with a box.

Mariah, 43, captioned it: ‘My funny Valentine has arrived! #YoureMineEternal I love you @NickCannon (sic)”
Nick then posted a picture of Mariah wearing the diamond studded necklace he and bought her, which was shaped in a heart with ‘You’re Mine’ written inside it.

He then tweeted:

”Had to give my beautiful wife a little Valentines Day Surprise! #YoureMine #Diamonds #CandyBra (sic).”

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