Lea Michele, 27, Says She Had No Fear And Proved It!


resizedimageLea Michele had no fear. She is really well known for her role as Rachel Berry on the television series Glee and it has been revealed as a child she was never worried about anything, she was a ”ballsy little kid”. The twenty seven year old began out as a child actress on Broadway said this was true and she even proved to mother when she went n auditioned a part in ‘Les Miserables’ at the age of eight. She said: ‘

‘When I was eight and I auditioned for ‘Les Miserables’ [was when I realised I could sing]. My friend was auditioning and I wanted to too. Mum was like, ‘You can’t sing’, but I’d never tried!
”After the audition I said, ‘I think they really like me’. She said if we ever hear from them again, it will be a miracle. I was a ballsy little kid. I felt no fear at all.”

She also says that what other people think about doesn’t matter anymore. She told We Love Pop magazine:

”I am a very outspoken person, and if something makes me uncomfortable, you will know that it makes me uncomfortable. But that’s as a far as it goes. I can assure that [diva rumours] aren’t real. It’s super frustrating sometimes, and I used to fight back, but now I feel like, ‘You can think what you want to think about me – that’s OK.”

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