Kirstie Alley Looking For A New Man Around The Corner

resizedimageKirstie Alley is looking for love. The former Cheers actress (Rebecca Howe) is in hopes that there is a new man just around the corner. The single star of US comedy show ‘Kirstie’ back in 2010 said that she boyfreindless for about ten years,and would like a new romance in her life. However if a man comes around he has to have her quality of laughing. She said:

”Maybe there will be a new man around the corner, God help him. He’s going to have to have a good sense of humour and make me laugh, too. I can make guys laugh easy, but I need the vice-versa thing going on there.”

The sixty three year old had relationships before, she was married to Bob Ally, Parker Stevenson, the father of her children William and Lillie. She said: Also she almost had a romance with actor John Travolta, but now they are just best friends.

”When John and I met we instantly loved each other, but the way we love each other has changed, because I was married, and he’s married [to Kelly Preston]. That took some doing. Now, it’s the world’s greatest friendship.”

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