Julia Roberts Mother Suffering Lung Cancer?

resizedimageJulia Roberts’ mother battling lung cancer? The former Pretty Woman star’ who’s half sister Nancy Motes lost her life on February 9, 2014 of an apparent overdose. There was an alleged note that had claimed Roberts drove Motes to this, now it seems as if Mote’s mother is going thorough an emotional time.since also seems as if Roberts was secretly caring for Betty Lou Motes at her home in Malibu, California since doctors found a cancerous tumor on her lung during a routine MRI scan in November. A source told the National Enquirer magazine:

“She was already reeling from her mom’s cancer crisis. Now, she’s been deeply hurt and stung by all the criticism after Nancy’s death and feels she doesn’t deserve it. Julia insists that Nancy’s death was not a suicide.”

The insider added that the 46-year-old Oscar-nominated actress “wants to believe that the overdose was accidental, that somehow Nancy expected to be discovered just before she passed away. Julia’s been crying her eyes out ever since.”

Roberts had moved Betty, who was suffering a heart attack and angioplasty in 2009, into her home late last year to look after her when she was diagnosed. The source added:

“Everyone was frantic because Betty has a history of smoking and emphysema.”

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