Jimmy Fallon Loves Fame It’s Awesome

resizedimageJimmy Fallon loves the ideal of fame. He is a well known American television host, comedian, actor, singer, musician and producer, he is the current host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and his opinion is that he thinks it is just awesome. The Tonight Show presenter treasures every moment of his success because of a stint in the Hollywood wilderness when he reretired out acting when he left ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 2004. He said:

”It was rough days! I couldn’t get arrested, man.
”[Fame] is a treat, it’s awesome, because I know what it’s like not to be famous. When you experience both sides of it, this side is much better.”

Fallon, who is thirty nine years old and who shares a six year old daughter called Winnie with his wife Nancy Juvonen said that it is now time to embrace being a ”rich old white guy” and become more fanatical about golf. He told New York magazine:

”Golf is gonna be my thing. I have to be a rich old white guy, that’s what I have to become. It’s so sad, but I gotta play the part, man. I’ve already got my cardigan.”

Jimmy is a regular golf player but in an attempt to get better, he has had clubs specially made and takes weekly lessons, as well as doing calisthenic exercises with a ball. He joked:

”I twerk for about 25 minutes. There’s a lot of hip motions – Shakira is probably very good at golf.”

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