Jennifer Lawrence, Step Back For One Year Away The Limelight

resizedimageJennifer Lawrence is set to take a year long break. She was first recognized with her major role as a lead cast member on the sitcom The Bill Engvall show and she says she is going to step out of the limelight for that long. The twenty three old, who also starred in The Burning Plain and Winter’s Bone, in the last twelve months she made eight films. According Harvey Weinstien, who has worked with her, he says she deserves the well earned rest.

 He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper:

”She’s going to have a long break for a year where she won’t do anything. It’s been non-stop for her and she deserves a rest.”

He explained:

”Jennifer is too nice and will do people favours and agrees to do a movie like ‘American Hustle’ when she could have had a rest.
”She signed on to do ‘Hunger Games’ when she was young and wouldn’t have realized how much it would dominate her life. BUt she’s a professional and always will be.”

At this time it looks as she Lawrence maybe purchasing a home in the UK with her Boyfriend Warm Bodies actor Nicholas Hoult. A source recently said:

”They loved the house as soon as they saw it. They know it’s not realistic at this point in their thriving careers to live in the UK, but they want a bolthole across the pond.

”Jen loves the English way of life and as they are now serious again, it makes sense to look into buying somewhere.”

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