David Beckham Thinks His Three Sons Will Be ‘Ladykillers’

resizedimageDavid Beckham says his sons will be ‘ladykillers’. The former English footballer has in his mind that that his fourteen year old son Brooklyn and eleven year old son Romeo and eight year old Cruz will have no problem with girls because they are quite good looking and they were taught to be polite, while having a talk with Ryan Seacrest, he said:

”I think they are all going to be [hits with the ladies].
”The boys are all good-looking, polite, have great manners, are very fun-loving and so I think they’re all going be ladykillers.”

Beckham, thirty eight years old has had few different hairstyles says that he feels jealous of Brooklyn’s latest hairdo and wishes he had his locks. He added:

”He has this whole style going on and I kind of wish I had his hair. It is very cool.”

Beckham also has a two year old daughter called Harper, and feels sad that he will not be able to spend Valentine’s Day with his wife Victoria because he will be supporting charity UNICEF in the Philippines.
He explained: ”Unfortunately I am not with Victoria on Valentine’s. I am actually in the Philippines with UNICEF to visit different sites.’

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