Spider-Man Star Felicity Jones Reportedly Splits From Boyfriend

resizedimageFelicity Jones has ended her relationship. The Worst Witch star (Ethel Hallow) has parted ways with boyfriend artist Ed Fonieles. The Chalet Girl was courted by Fonieles since the days that they were both in the University of Oxford. Lately she has been highly wanted by Hollywood as one of her future roles will be in The Amazing Spider Man 2, can’y say that much for her love life.

Jones and Fornieles breakup

“It is very sad, but they have drifted apart,” one of her friends tells Mandrake.

The couple did live together, in Hackney, east of London, but she was spend a lot of time in Los Angeles. The actress once mentioned that she had been left with a “slightly jaded perspective on things” after the separation of her parents, an advertising executive and a journalist who split up when she was just three years old.

“I think your parents divorcing makes you quite emotionally intelligent,” she said. “You realize that your parents are real people at a young age. What was it that David Mamet said? People who go into entertainment are not often happy and fulfilled people. You feel the need to tell stories for a reason.”

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